A nice story

The name Villa Mangiacane derives from the Latin “Magna Canes” (literally great dogs) and referred to the two Neapolitan mastiffs who were guarding the villa.
Villa Mangiacane is a splendid Renaissance villa located in Sant'Andrea in Percussina, a small medieval village part of the territory of San Casciano Val di Pesa, in the territory of Florence. We are talking about places steeped in an important history as they were chosen by the Machiavelli family to reside there during the summer and to devote themselves to the art of grapes and olives cultivation.
Places that have been described with great attention to detail by the most illustrious member of the family, that Niccolò who spent the years of exile in Sant’Andrea  talking during the day with peasants, lumberjacks and hunters and then retired in the evening to his study writing about politics. The letter sent  to his friend Francesco Vettori  "I'm in the Villa" seems to be a perfect transposition of what Mangiacane was at that time.
Over the centuries, other important families like Mazzei Marquises lived  in Mangiacane adding charm and prestige. Their passage is testified by the presence of frescoes, stone engravings and stone shields that decorate arcades, portals and fireplaces.

Mangiacane today

Although in Mangiacane for over 500 years there has always been an important production of wine and oil, it is only with the takeover of the new ownership in 2001 that the Mangiacane brand was born
A young South African entrepreneur in 2000 falls in love with the beauty and history of the places, a real love at first sight. The intention was to restore the Villa bringing it back  to its ancient splendour and to start with a production of a refined Chianti Classico.
The project is ambitious: high-end target, exclusive and quality product, refined mix of art, history, culture. In a few years a radical transformation took place and Mangiacane thus entered the new millennium with a new look: a luxury resort equipped with a boutique winery.
The vineyards extend for over 40 hectares from the municipality of San Casciano in Val di Pesa to that of Greve in Chianti and thanks to a different kind  of soil, altitude and sun exposition has been possible to obtain wines of different intensity and structure  satisfying the most varied palates.
The oenological consultancy was entrusted in the first 10 years to Alberto Antonini and then in 2012 it passed to Marco Chellini. The management is instead entrusted to a young  manager Graziano Santoro who allows the company to make a leap in quality by expanding the production offer and expanding its commercial presence around the world.
Today it is exported to Europe, Asia, Africa and America and a small production of Kosher wine has just started and will soon be distributed on the market.